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Code Id NAVO-P-013
Title South China Photography Tour
( Yunnan-Guizhou-Hunan )
P.S. Photographying in the most beautiful and interesting area in south China: 3 Specialities.
A: Ethnic Minority areas of Bai, Yi, Miao, Dong and Tujia minorities.
B: 4 ancient towns, peaceful ancient Chinese life.
C: Puzhehei, xingyi, Luoping and Zhangjiajie, the most rare and beautiful mountains and lakes in southwest China.
Duration 15 days;14days 13 nights in China;
Areas Yunnan,Guizhou, Hunan provinces.
Itinerary Kunming/Stone Forest/Qiubei/Luoping/
Furong ancient town/Zhangjiaje
Period Feb.—Nov.
Best Season Feb.-Mar. for Xingyi’s Cole Flower
Jul.-Aug.for Puzhehei’s Lotus Flower
Highlights Stone Forest, Puzhehei in east Yunnan, Luoping thousands karst peaks mountains, Xingyi Karst peaks, Guiyang Qingyan ancient town, Kaili Miao and Dong minorities villages, Zhenyuan ancient town, Fenghuang ancient town, Furong ancient town and the Zhangjiajie National Park etc.
Introduction of the itinerary
Itinerary day by day
01 Settng off  
02 ---/Kunming Hotel
Hotel transfer. NAVO’s service starts from Chengdu.
03 Kunming/Stone Forest 84kms Hotel
Kunming city tour in the morning and drive to visit Stone forest in the afternoon.
Note: We recommend you the Qiongzhu Monastery, Yuantong Monastery, Xishan Dragon Gate, World Expo Garden etc in Kunming.
04 Stone Forest/Qiubei/Mile/Puzhehei 181kms Hotel
Visit the Stone Forest in the morning, and then drive to Qiubei via Mele, and then arrive at the Puzhehei Scenic Spot.
05 Puzhehei
Whole day visit at Puzhehei Scenic Spot. You may trek there or by boating.
Note: 2008, April, NAVO succeeded in orgnizing gorups visiting the Puzhehei for the first time, and the guests are from France.
Note: “Puzhehei” is the Yi minority language pronunciation, which means the pool with a lot of fish and shrimp. In the Puzhehei ,the beautiful lakes and mountains composed a beautiful musci for your eyes.There are 68 Karst Lakes and over 300 mountain peaks. It is also named“the Guilin in Yunnan”which means the most beautiful place in Yunnan. The best photographying time is July and August, because this is the blooming time of Lotus Flower.
06 Puzhehei/Luoping/Xingyi 207KM Hotel
Drive to Luoping and visit the Thousand Peaks Scenic Spot, then drive to Xingyi. At Luoping, you will see over 100miles of Cole Flower fields by the roads, up and down, different shapes, differnt beautiful sceneries.
Note The best photographying time is from middle Feb.to early Mar., because it is just the time of the cole flower blooming and the best place to take pics of the breath-taking cole flower field is Golden Cock Peak and Niujie. If you do this tour in this right time, and if you have one more day time, we would like to suggest you stop at Luoping for one day.
07 Xingyi/Guanlin/Guiyang 426KM Hotel
Visit the Thousand Peak Scenic Spot I nthe morning, and drive to Guiyang in the afternoon. After Guanlin, it is expressway.
08 Guiyang/Kaili 190kms Hotel
Visit the Qingyan ancient town in the morning, then drive to Kaili, visit the Miao minority villages and the Kaili Ethnic Minority Museum.
Note: In 1998, NAVO succeeded in organizing trekking groups to the Kaili Miao and Dong minority villages for the first time, and the guests are from France.
09 Kaili/Shidong/zhenyuan 74kms Hotel
Visit Zhengyuan and Shidong where is famous for its silver products. Then we drive to visit the Qinglongdong (Green Dragon Cave) ancient construction groups.
10 Zhenyuang/Yuping/Tongren/Fenghuang 143kms Hotel
Drive to Tongren via Yuping. After entering the Hunan province, we may see the‘Yellow riband ancient city’ and the ‘Southern Great Wall’. Then we will visit the Fenghuang ancient city etc.
Note: In Fenghuang ancient town, there are 68 ancient buildings, 116 ancient relic sites and over 120 typical residental houses of Ming and Qing dynasties. There are over 20 ancient street made of flagstone in Ming and Qing dynasties,too. The Yellow riband ancient city is the best preserved stone city in all China. And the southern Great Wall was built in the 8th century, Ming Dynasty. The Tujia and Miao are the main ethnic minorities in Fenghuang area.
11 Fenghuang/Jishou/Furong/Zhangjiajie 240KM Hotel
Visit the Fenghuang ancient town in the morning, then drive to Zhangjiajie in the afternoon. Visit the Furong ancienttown on the way. Stay overnight near the Zhangjiajie National park.
12 Zhangjiajie(Wulingyuan Scenic Spot) 19KM Hotel
One day visit at Zhangjiajie National Park: the Yuajiajie mountain and Tianzishan mountain etc.
13 Zhangjiajie(Wulingyuan Scenic Spot) 19KM Hotel
One day visit at Zhangjiajie National Park: the Yuajiajie mountain and Tianzishan mountain etc.
14 Zhangjiajie/ Changsha 375kms Hotel
Drive to Changsha.
15 Changsha/---exit
Airport send off.
Note: We could book the flights from Changsha to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai etc and the international flights for you according to your time arrangement,

Pax 2 3-5 6-9 Over 10
Extra for the single room        
The price includes
Hotels with 2 or 3 stars or the best local hotels or hostels.
Tour guide
We could arrange the guide according to the client’s language requirement. But
for the French or German group, we could guarantee you the French or Germany speaking guide, only if there’re more than 8 people in your group. Otherwise, we
will offer you English speaking guide.
All the entrance tickets indicated in the itinerary.

The price doesn’t include
Domestic and international air tickets.
Drinks and personal expense.

The price is not available for:
The Spring Festival;
The National Celebration Day (Oct.01-07)

A: The price doesn’t include any flight tickets.
B: Please note at some places in the tour, the accommodation condition is limited.
C: All of NAVO’s overland tours (http://drivetochina.com/en/itineraries/overland/) can be adjusted to photographing tours, and please consult with us for the best photographing season.
D: You may also find you ideal photographing destination through our beautiful group photos. (http://drivetochina.com/en/album/)
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